Slide Away


we used to fuck to Oasis

in my student flat single bed

twenty years ago at weekends

wrists bound with floaty scarves

another pulled tight around the base of his cock

before we understood what bondage meant

let alone kink, D/s or BDSM

yet I submitted to him even then

as our Dr Martin boots lay atop of one another on the floor



Valentine. Masturbation Monday #209


I feel honoured to feature as this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt. I’ve been loving reading all the wonderful pieces that have been submitted so far, and hope there’s a few more still to come…Happy 4th birthday to Masturbation Monday!

I thought I’d share the little poem I wrote in Cuiplash’s Valentine card, that accompanied the prompt picture of me, just for him.

your Valentine surprise this year

is not for little eyes my dear

so if you name the time and place

I will ensure I tighten the lace

my stocking tops are black and red

they do look best spread wide on the bed

covered in hearts to declare my love

I hope you’ll enjoy your view from above

and as you bite my nipple I’ll purr

I love you, on Valentine’s

and always…My Sir 💋

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when it breaks down 

who is at fault 

when pillars of rock

become pillars of salt


that crumble and fall

hope slips through my hands

when pillars of rock

become pillars of sand 


that cover my path

forcing me to a halt

when pillars of rock 

become pillars of salt 


that blind my vision

I catch tears with both hands

when pillars of rock 

become pillars of sand


that muddy my thoughts

fight and freeze my default

when pillars of rock 

become pillars of salt


that bury my needs

and alone I stand 

when pillars of rock

become pillars of sand

This Puss. Masturbation Monday #204


this puss is in heat

on the prowl for her tomcat

masked up strapped in

breasts corseted velvet sleek

glossy legged feline


she perches on her cushion

at their dinner table

pawing her wine glass

lapping her drink

absentmindedly stroking her leather ears

as he eyes his prey 


“Come puss” he growls

stretching and arching she rises

padding through on bare toes 

yet doesn’t quite make it

as he pounces 

on his puss


she mewls when he bends her

collar caught against his palm

tail high, mitts low

kneading the pillow with glossy nails

a contented kitten 

as he takes what’s his


“Cum puss” he hisses

scruff bitten

as she scritches and scratches

and caterwauls her release 

then purrs and settles in his lap

as he strokes his pet to sleep 

Canvas. Masturbation Monday #201


paint your love across my body
in daubs of red and purple and blue
etch those marks across my back
in hatched lines of fire and ice
draw a line across my thighs
in wheel point dots like treasure map trails
mould the flesh across my cheeks
in grips and pinches and twists
ink your need across my skin
in strokes of canes and whips and crops
sketch your desires across my form
in bites and nips and sucks
varnish your release across my breasts
in ownership and possession
write your love across my all
for I am your canvas

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diminished communication erodes consistency
unreliable consistency suppresses trust
injured trust deprives vulnerability
guarded vulnerability rejects communication
vicious circle

deep communication builds consistency
steadfast consistency fosters trust
protected trust nurtures vulnerability
fearless vulnerability welcomes communication
virtuous circle

which one do you feed?…

Bird & Beast


they drop
here and there
a touch
a look
a kiss
a grip
Bird swallows them up
one by one
like Hansel & Gretel
hopping down the trail in her mind
where there may lay a feast of carnal treats in the clearing
her hunger may be satiated
on more than crumbs
dropped here and there
Bird stops
Beast lunges
scoops up Bird in her palm
why do you settle for crumbs little one?
you’re hungry
feast like me
go deep
go dark
go darker still
rip apart that banquet
and gorge yourself
hand over fist
dripping heat
devour the flavours and scents
lick and bite and suck and swallow
drag teeth over burning flesh
take your fill and fill some more
until you hurt
until you stretch
until you cannot take any more
and yet you do
and you will
as you always do
as you’re never full
are you Bird?
Bird looked at Beast
eyes mirroring eyes
Beast placed Bird down
and off she hopped
when the next crumb dropped
she swallowed
yet her tummy still rumbled
echoing the growl of Beast
emanating from the clearing
where she watched and waited
until she could feast again