Welcome, this blog is about Dominance and submission and my life as a married submissive.

A controlled ascent is a safety technique used by divers when one must ascend safely with a partner and as a certified diver I rely on the need for safety. As a married submissive, I would say that similar principles of partnership, security and mutual care giving apply.

My husband Cuiplash and I have been married for 15 years, and together for 27. In 2014 we made the commitment to developing our D/s in our marriage. Initially our D/s was bedroom only but it was not long before the depth of trust, respect, communication and intimacy we experienced spilled into all areas of our relationship. I never expected that deeply exploring our desires and kinks would grow and develop to become a nourishing and fulfilling power exchange dynamic for us both. In the last four years we have discovered and appreciated a lot more about each other and I have learned many things about myself, and why our D/s speaks to my soul.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, as a result of childhood experiences. I am currently on a more focused path towards healing as a survivor of complex trauma. I have found my submission, and our D/s, to be a source of reflection, authenticity, vulnerability, peace, release and healing.

I decided to start a blog to record my experiences, my thoughts and my feelings around my submission, my life and my healing. If my words can help or support anyone in any way then that would be a wonderful thing.

If you enjoy what you read here please like my posts and I’d love if you were also able to comment. I enjoy reading about and learning from the experiences of others. Please follow my blog and I also welcome correspondence via email at mycontrolledascent@gmail.com or on Twitter @kisungura.

This is my life and love as a married submissive, this is my controlled ascent.

Kisungura x