Kis’s kinks – flogging


Here is one of my favourite pictures of Cuiplash in his favoured Torture Garden garb, swinging our 50 fall suede flogger.

We have collected a number of beautiful floggers across the years and these toys are one of my favourite impact tools. I find flogging to be so versatile and I experience a wide spectrum of sensations ranging from tickles, massages and relaxation through to sharp whipping bites, depending on which flogger and which technique he chooses to use. 


I remember our first flogger, when we were starting to build our collection at the beginning of our explorations into kink. At the time it felt quite a daring purchase to me as we were just starting out and so I chose a small 30 fall red suede flogger as it didn’t seem too threatening.

Little did I anticipate our joint love for this technique, how our experience would grow and how that small 30cm toy would gain pride of place as my pussy and breast flogger as my love of impact and pain developed alongside our collection. The short falls create a sharp sensation when used with a flick of the wrist and this is complimented and contrasted by the soft suede. Having it flicked across my pussy and clit is both agony and ecstasy, yet it burns hot across my nipples. I have to admit to both loving and loathing it in equal measure!


We added the much longer 50 fall dark brown suede flogger next and we found the longer length provided much more versatility. It has a long swing and we have found great success from both lying down and standing positions and it is one of Cuiplash’s tools of choice for public play due to how lightweight it is, plus the wonderful crack it makes across my ass. I have fond memories of being cuffed to St Andrews crosses and pentangles at play events whilst welcoming this particular beauty across my back and bottom.

This one is tickly when trailed across me but it certainly bites and will leave lots of tiny marks where the tips strike. Wrap can be a hazard with long falls and I will not mention the time when a stray fall from this one hit my clit as it wrapped and how I nearly shot through the ceiling! This one feels best when Cuiplash uses a figure of eight technique, making contact on the downstrokes, another favourite technique with this one is a continuous circle throw where it can make repeated contact in either the upstroke or the downstroke, depending on how he is swinging it.


A couple of years later we had a wonderful time attending Sexpo London with missy and His Lordship plus two other lovely D/s couples who had become friends, and we picked up a stunning handmade flogger from The Bondage Man  . This one packs a punch at 100 falls of thick black leather and is a formidable piece. It’s weight creates a very different feel, as it produces both a rush of cool air on its swing that bristles my skin with goosebumps and then the satisfying deep thud of the falls as it strikes.

I find this flogger to be very relaxing as I feel the sensation deep in my core and the weight creates a secure feeling of pressure upon my body allowing me to sink into the sensations. 


After exploring a range of techniques with our single floggers we were keen to explore florentine flogging. I had a pair of beautiful black 50 fall thick leather florentines made for Cuiplash one year as a Christmas gift. They have carved black wooden handles and can either be used with the leather finger loops or attached to the handles on their swivel connection.

It took some practice to learn the different florentine techniques and I had a go at swinging them myself a few times. Florentine flogging tends to follow a four point or six point swinging pattern and we found that YouTube tutorials were valuable in observing the technique being broken down step by step. Cuiplash would practice this technique on a pillow to begin with, gauging the swing rhythm and the strike pattern. I have to say this is one of my favourite flogging techniques to experience as it feels both relentless and hypnotising. Cuiplash has become adept at moving them up and down my back and bottom whilst maintaining the florentine swing and the sensation feels like a massage. We also find that the finger loops make the floggers feel like an extension of his hands whereas, when attached to the handles, the swing strike is stronger as the extended length and centrifugal force lend an increase bite to the contact. 


Our chain flogger is our most recent addition to our collection, and although it hasn’t had much of an outing as yet, what I have experienced is very different again to the leather and suede ones. This one is fashioned more like a crop with a long flexible handle and six short falls of steel ball chain attached to the end.

This one is a bit more ‘extreme’ than the others as it would have the potential to break skin if that were the intention, however, my experience of this toy is akin to the steel knife blade I wrote about in Kis’s Kinks – knife play. It carries the potential for harm yet in his hands it becomes a source of acceptance of what my body enjoys and a means to push boundaries. The tickle of the cool chain and the increased warmth of the metal as it absorbs my body heat is a lovely development in our sensation play repertoire.


My final flogger is a funny one. However, it proved quite effective and taught me there’s potential in anything. After our kids had accrued one too many packets of strawberry laces I decided one evening, as I was eating my way through a packet, that they’d be quite effective as flogger falls and I managed to create a small flogger complete with twisted handle to show Cuiplash. Needless to say he tried it out, and then we ate it. I never look at a packet of strawberry laces again without a knowing smile.

I think the potential for a range of sensations created by flogging is why this is one of my favourite impact techniques. I love that I can be flogged the full length of my body, back and front, or I can experience focused flogging on one area. There are a few other types we’d like to explore, including ones with rubber falls, and I’m sure flogging will remain as a firm favourite for both Cuiplash and I.



3 thoughts on “Kis’s kinks – flogging

  1. slars July 14, 2018 / 5:52 pm

    Strawberry laces!! That made me giggle. Love this post and love flogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    • kisungura July 14, 2018 / 8:18 pm

      I’d recommend a strawberry lace flogger – flogging and snack, win win 😜

      Liked by 1 person

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